Legal Consultation for Foreigners


2013年からフィリピンの弁護士団体 NUPL(National Union of People's Lawyers)と連携して、NUPLからはフィリピン人パラリーガルをインターンとして受け入れています。


The Japan Lawyers International Solidarity Association (JALISA) is providing legal assistance to foreign migrants in Japan (especially Filipinos) who are embroiled in various legal issues and problems such as marriage, divorce, labor, status of residence, nationality, and human trafficking, among others.


This program, which started in 2013, is in partnership with the National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL), an organization of human rights lawyers in the Philippines. JALISA and NUPL also cooperated in sponsoring a Filipino paralegal intern to come to Japan under JALISA’s supervision.


We provide consultations in both English and Tagalog.


Japan Family Reunification Project (JFRP) 



私たちは、​クラウドファンディングで資金を調達し、2018年4月にフィリピンのマニラ、セブで調査を行いました。​ 調査報告書



While the Japan Lawyers International Solidarity Association (JALISA) deals with legal problems of Filipino migrants in Japan, its work has spread by word-of-mouth. When JALISA lawyers attended the General Assembly of the National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL) in Negros in 2013, they came in contact with a mother of a Japanese-Filipino child abandoned in the Philippines by the child’s Japanese father. JALISA found out that there are many other cases like this in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, many JFC along with their Filipina mothers find it very difficult to gather information in Japan to locate the whereabouts of the Japanese father and file legal actions to get paternal recognition and apply for Japanese nationality. Filipina mothers, meanwhile, are often left to raise their children in the Philippines all by themselves.

JALISA raised funds through crowdfunding to conduct a survey in Manila and Cebu, Philippines, in April 2018. 

While the identity of the Japanese father, in most cases, is known, there are instances where DNA testing is required and necessary to prove paternal relations. However, the high cost of DNA testing is often a problem which in turn delays legal proceedings.  
JALISA created a site where people can make donations to support this project. Thank you for your support.




Extrajudicial killings in the Philippines







There is an alarming rise in the number of "extrajudicial killings" in the Philippines allegedly perpetrated by government armed forces. People suspected of being engaged in crimes, such as drug-related and insurgency, or rebellion are being summarily killed without due process. 

Human rights lawyers and activists trying to promote and protect people’s rights have also been targets of extrajudicial killings.

JALISA conducted a fact-finding mission in Manila in October 2016 to investigate human rights violations in the Philippines. Another mission was conducted in March 2019 together with the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) and National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL) where members of the mission issued a statement.  

In May this year, two human rights activists, namely: Clarizza Singson, the Secretary General of KARAPATAN – Negros and John Milton Lozande, Secretary General of the National Federation of Sugarworkers (NFSW) will visit Japan for a speaking tour. They will speak during symposiums organized in various universities in Japan. JALISA is organizing an event for the visiting human rights activists on May 10 in Osaka and May 18 in Tokyo. JALISA is now raising funds to support the speaking tour through crowdfunding.  

Also, the number of displaced people in the Philippines due to massive militarization is rising. People is some communities are forced to evacuate due to the high incidence of extrajudicial killing. They are camped out in Manila and since March 2019, they have moved to the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) compound in Quezon City. To support themselves, they are producing and selling key chains and other handicrafts. You can purchase these products here to support their cause.